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The prestigious French newspaper Le Figaro lists the capital of the Puglia region as one of the most highly recommended destinations for a "European cultural getaway." With its centuries-old history, this ancient city brings together a rich collection of artistic and architectural elements, giving it that special charm that can only be obtained through the combination and overlapping of various cultures. The Airline Volotea offers direct service from Verona to Bari, at extremely affordable rates. For more information, visit the website: or contact your travel agency.



  Located on a promontory overlooking the Adriatic coast, Brindisi is among the most important centers of Salento,from which  its airprt takes the name. From May 30th flights from Verona to Brindisi with Volotea.  For more information, visit or contact your travel agency.



Sardinia’s largest city and its capital, on the island’s south coast, Cagliari offers the perfect mix of recreation and exploration options. With more then five-mile-long beaches, among the best beaches on the Mediterranean, it satisfies all manner of sun and sea pursuits. For more information on schedules and fares, visit and or contact your travel agency.


Catania is one of the few cities whose name tells you something about its nature and its history. This relatively confined geographical area boasts snow-capped peaks, looming over crystal clear seas and the lush Catania plains. Here, fire and water have come together to create a unique city that's even listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Volotea offers service from Verona to Catania. For more information, visit ,or contact your travel agency. 


Having been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site for its undisputed beauty and its unique natural landscape, the Amalfi Coast is a place where crystalline seas and majestic mountains have come to live side by side. Visitors will be intoxicated by the aromas of the lemon groves and vineyards, which, combined with the smell of the salt air, create a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. Volotea offers  flights from Verona to Naples. For more information, visit the website or contact your travel agency.


Known as the city of delights for its maze of gardens, charming alleyways and elegant buildings, Palermo still retains its cosmopolitan and multicultural feel thanks to the ancient port that has always connected it to the East. The city's vast history has graced it with a remarkable artistic and architectural heritage. Flights from Verona to Palermo  are operated by Ryanair and Volotea. For more information, visit the websites and or contact your travel agency.


Rome is certainly one of Europe's most impressive capital cities: there are so many places to visit and things to be discovered that it's impossible to see it all in just few days. Every street, every corner and every monument bears witness to its ancient history. Alitalia offers various flights from Verona to Rome throughout the day, with every comfort imaginable. For more information and to find out more about the current deals and best rates, visit or contac your travel agency.




  Amsterdam is a wonderful city to visit all year round! Each season has its own special charms, festivities and special occasions. Find out what's waiting for you: no matter when you arrive, you'll be dazzled by the city's world-famous art galleries, extravagant shops and entertainment venues of all types. (Source: Flights from Verona to Amsterdam  are operated by Transavia .
For more information, see or contact your travel agency.


Bangkok, locally known as Krungthep, "the City of Angels", is one of the world's most exciting cities. Today, the city is considered one of the coolest destinations by designers and fashion victims, who are drawn there by the Thai capital's trendy shopping and young designers, but above all by the lifestyle of the city itself, which is emblematic of the great changes taking place on Asian continent. Lufthansa Group flights to Bangkok. For more information, visit or contact your travel agency.



The German capital is one of Europe’s leading political, cultural and media centres, as well one of the most important cities for science and trade fairs, with a great deal also to offer in the realm of history and art. Flights from Verona to Berlin with Ryanair from March 2017 .
For more information, visit the website



  Birmingham has a lot to offer :  museums ,shopping malls, sports and music events .Flights from Verona  with Ryanair . For more information, see or contact your travel agency.



Bruxelles is the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium, as well as one of the symbolic capitals of the European union, thanks to  the prestigious institutions sovranazionali. Ancient city with a  radiant past and a prosperous present, Bruxelles is a cosmopolitan city, among the favorite destinations of the tourists of every part of the world thanks to  its cultural and artistic heritage ( Flights from Verona to Bruxelles (Charleroy) with Ryanair. For further information visits or contact your travel agency.


The first of the of Cabo Verde islands, thanks to its greatest international airport, Sal has a long shore of white beach with the best tourist villages where you can practice all the aquatic sports, from diving to windsurf. Boa Vista is instead the more Oriental of the archipelago and therefore the more neighbor to the African coasts. Its fifty kilometers of white and gilded beaches - bathed by an ocean color emerald, make the island particularly the best destination for the tourist that desires a vacation devoted to the relax. Flights from Verona to Capo Verde are operated by Neos. For more information, visit the website or contact your travel agency.




The  island of Cayo Largo is situated in the calm waters of the Caribbean,  opposite the southern coast of Cuba. The island, known for the wonderful diving areas thanks to the  untouched   seabed , has a lot to offer to nature lovers. Flights from Verona to Cayo Largo are operated by Meridiana. For more information visit or contact your travel agent.



Pearl of the Gulf of Mexico , Cancun is one of the most famous resorts of the Yucatan peninsula , where crystal-clear water , endless beaches and majestic architecture of the Mayan civilization provide a wide variety of emotions . Direct flights from Verona to Cancun with Neos .For more information visit or contact your travel agent. 



Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. And the largest city of the country and its political, administrative, economic and cultural center. Flights from Verona to Chisinau with Air Moldova and Meridiana and with Volotea. For more information visit or contact your travel agent



When you come to Copenhagen, you'll be overwhelmed by one of Northern Europe's most inviting capital cities, overflowing with cafés and shops, and featuring some of Scandinavia's best restaurants. The winding streets and grandiose palaces of the charming old town district, Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid, the cutting-edge architecture and the innovative and original attractions render the Danish capital a perfect mix of the old and the new. Whether touring on bike or strolling on foot, you'll be enchanted by Copenhagen's relaxed atmosphere and innate sense of style. (Source: Tickets can be purchased online at, via your travel agent, or else via the Lufthansa call center or airport ticketing counter.


With monkeys, dogs and cows strolling the streets, you'll know you're in Delhi. Beyond these distractions, rich culture, fascinating history and architecture beckon. Flights from Verona to Delhi are operated by Lufthansa via Frankfurt and Munich. For more information, visit the websites or contact your travel agency.


With its hot but dry desert climate tempered by cooling Arabian Gulf breezes, the allure of the mystical desert, great beaches and a chance to sample Arabic culture, Dubai is the world’s hottest new tourist destination.Direct flights from Verona to Dubai are operated by Neos and  via Frankfurt and Munichby Lufthansa. For more information, visit the websites and or contact your travel agency. 



  With Aer Lingus, flying is truly more convenient. Thanks to the direct flights to Dublin offered by the Irish airline from March 31st, it's even easier to discover the beauty and magic that Ireland has to offer. To find out more about the deals and rates offered by Aer Lingus, visit the website or contact your travel agency


Frankfurt is the city for those in search of a different holiday destination. It's a dynamic metropolis, a veritable melting pot of cultures, languages and lifestyles. The city, in fact, is a combination of two different worlds: that of the trade fairs, the financial centre, transport and communications, combined with the world of culture, academics, museums, quaint locales and wide open spaces. Here, the old blends in with the new, for a fascinating blend of style and energy. Lufthansa  offers service from Verona to Frankfurt. For more information on schedules and fares, visit




Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands. An island of wind, where endless white sandy beaches encounter the breathtaking blue of the ocean's waters. Fuerteventura is an island with many faces, offering a wide variety of landscapes that are sure to enchant any visitor! Meridiana and Neos offer service to Fuerteventura. For more information, visit the websites: and or contact your travel agency.




Important tourist resort known for its subtropical climate and the wide variety of landscapes GranCanaria is one of the favorite destinations for surfers, scuba divers, surfers, windsurfers and deep-sea fishermen. Flights to GranCanaria with Neos. For more information or contact your travel agency.


On the estuary of the River Elbe, Hamburg is the first North German port city, as well as the most important city in terms of industrial, economic, cultural and tourism.

Flights from Verona to Hamburg  with Ryanair from March 2017.

For more information visit




The crystal clear sea, the wonderful beaches , music and Caribbean rhythms will make your holiday unforgettable in Cuba .
Fly from Verona to Havana with Meridiana and Neos. For more information visit and, or contact the travel agency .



London is frenetic, trendy, cosmopolitan and full of traditions. What's there to see? For starters, there's the classical architecture of the Parliament Building, Tower Bridge and Big Ben, and the modern architecture of the Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge. More than 600 art galleries and 150 museums, housing all kinds collections. Fashion and shopping, with stores on the cutting-edge. Cultural activities, with shows and performances animating the streets and theatres. British Airways and Easyjet offer service from Verona to London Gatwick and Ryanair flies to London Stansted. 
For more information, visit the following websites:


  Malè, the capital of the Maldives is a succession of narrow streets and steep hills, all surrounded by the ocean. Shopping lovers can enjoy the atmosphere of Male visiting  the famous local markets, while scuba divers will find  the underwater riches of one of the atolls most famous around the world.Flights from Verona to malè are operated by Neos. For more information visit or contact your travel agency.


  Manchester is one of the European cities that has best succeeded in keeping pace with the times, boasting record growth over the past ten years. Today, the city has become a reference point in terms of style, nightlife, design, and culture (with more than 90 museums to visit). Monarch Airlines operates lights  rom Verona to Manchester. For more information, visit the website or contact your travel agency.



Thanks to the addition of an international airport in 2001, Marsa Alam is fast becoming a premium tourist destination, especially for scuba divers. Flights from Verona to Marsa Alam are operated by Neos. For more information, visit the website or contact your travel agency.


  The memory of a holiday in Kenia, through the wild  nature and the deep traditions of his people, will never leave you. Flights from Verona to Mombasa are operated by Meridiana. For more information contact your travel agency.


Montego Bay is a fantastic Caribbean destination, on the northwestern shores of Jamaica.With so many wonderful attractions, restaurants, and  wonderful beaches to explore, your holiday will be memorable,
Flights from Verona to Montego Bay are operated by Neos.
For more information, visit the website or contact your travel agency.


Moscow covers a thousand square kilometres and boasts a population of nearly ten million people. The city is home to a variety of spectacular churches and monuments, as well as upscale shops, restaurants and bars. Once restored, the large, grey, dilapidated buildings in the centre gave way to the colours that have given the Russian capital new life. A metropolis with a new face, but with an ancient soul to be experienced in complete freedom. S7 Airlines and Globus Airlines offer service from Verona to Moscow. For more information, visit the website: or contact your travel agency.


Severe yet vital, cosmopolitan yet provincial, Munich is a fascinating city. With its famous museums, relaxed atmosphere and a nightlife second only to that of Berlin, the Bavarian capital is one of the cities most beloved by Germans and foreign tourists alike. Lufthansa and Air Dolomiti offer service from Verona to Munich. For more information, visit the websites: or or contact your travel agency.


With its hectic, bustling and noisy yet optimistic character, New York is a land of both dreams and innovation. Some attractions include shopping on Fifth Avenue, the theatres on Broadway, the dazzling lights of Times Square, elegant hotels and restaurants, the prestigious Lincoln Center, internationally renowned museums, and Central Park: the magnificent green heart of the city, featuring a zoo and an outdoor theatre. It's impossible to get bored in the City that Never Sleeps! Lufthansa offers connecting flights from Verona to New York, via Frankfurt . For more information, visit the websites:  




Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Bavaria’s second-largest city and the unofficial capital of Franconia, is an energetic place where the nightlife is intense and the beer is as dark as coffee. As one of Bavaria’s biggest draws it is alive with visitors year-round, but especially during the spectacular Christmas market.
Flights from Verona to Nuremberg with Ryanair from March 2017.
For more information visit



Considered the pearl of Madagascar, Nosy-Be Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean . Flights from Verona to Nosy-Be with Neos e Meridiana.
For more information, visit the websites and or contact your travel agent .



  Oslo, the livelycapital of Norway , will not disappoint you with the combination of entertainment , culture and nature . Flights from Verona to Oslo are operated by Norwegian. For more information  visit or contact your travel agent .


  Paris is a city that represents all the cultures of the world, where everything is a museum, where fashions arrive even before they come out. Each district has its own particular points of interest, and the distances are shortened by a public transport network of unrivalled efficiency.From February 21st Transavia offers service to Paris Orly. To find out more about the current deals and best rates, visit or contact your travel agency. 


Prague, city of the  hundred towers, is one of the most beautiful cities of the romantic world. Prague is frenetic, ancient and modern,  a cosmopolitan city that knows how to welcome the visitors.
Flights from Verona to Prague with Czech Airlines from March 2017.
For more information visit



Prishtina is the headquarters of the Mission  of ONU in Kosovo. It is also a University center Flights from its  international airport to  Verona are operated by AIR PRISHTINA. For more information visit or contact your travel agency.


St. Petersburg is a city for dreamers. With its canals and bridges connecting its various streets and districts, it's the perfect place to lose yourself. Despite the passage of the centuries, the regimes, and the Tsars, the city's spectacular scenery remains intact. The capital's geometric and elegant centre has been embellished over the centuries by enlightened rulers, rendering it truly spectacular. Lufthansa  offers  services from Verona to Saint Petersburg. For more information, visit the website For  Charter fliths to St. Petersburg from Verona   contact your travel agency.


Stockholm, one of the world's most beautiful capital cities, is spread over 14 islands that extend eastward from the shores of lake Mälaren to the Baltic Sea. Its splendid palaces and buildings, unspoiled nature, fresh air and proximity to countless bodies of water are the distinguishing features of this city, which boasts a wondrous history of over 700 years. (Source: Tickets can be purchased online at, via your travel agent, or else via the Lufthansa call centre or airport ticketing counter. 





Santo Domingo, the cradle of European civilization in the New World, has an enviable climate, spectacular beaches and luxuriant vegetation.
With 500 km of boundless beaches, you can enjoy different aquatic sports and be refreshed by the warm water of the Caribbean Sea at the rhythm of the Latin music.Flights from Verona to La Romana  are operated by Blue Panorama, Neos and by Meridiana.  For more information, visit the websites: and or contact your travel agency.



  Seville is the capital of Andalusia, the southern region of Spain. It's a beautiful and historic city and it's a great destination for your holidays where sun, light, culture, history, folclore and outdoor life are all to be found under an intense blue and mostly cloudless sky.Fly from Verona to Seville with Ryanair starting from October 30th. 
For more information, visit the website




Surrounded by a vast and arid desert, it leans out on one of the richer tropical seas of the world for variety and concentration of sea life: the numerous kinds of the colored inhabitants of the reef and the amazing coral barrier will surprising and fascinate you. Flights from Verona to Sharm El Sheikh are operated by Meridiana and Neos For more information visit and or contact your travel agency.



  Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. Thanks to its mild climate throughout the year, it's known as the island of eternal spring. An interesting destination that offers various possibilities, for a holiday by the sea, relaxing on the beach under the sun, or even hiking the island's landscapes in pursuit of its history and culture. Neos offers service to Tenerife. To find out more about the current deals and best rates, visit or contact your travel agency. 


Albania is such a concentration of art and nature that one may wonder how it could have took 20 years to get into internazionali. The more time you'll have, the better, but even in a week there will be opportunities to fall in love with this country. (Source Flights from Verona to Tirana with  Blue Panorama and  Volotea . For more information visit the website of the airlines or contact your trusted agent.



Tokyo is a city full of things to see, offering fascinating attractions in terms of traditional art and culture, as well as the latest fashions and cutting edge technologies. It's one of the most important cities worldwide and, along with New York and London, is considered to be one of the driving forces behind the world's economy. (Source:
Tickets can be purchased online at, via your travel agent, or else via the Lufthansa call centre or airport ticketing counter.


  Located on the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is rich  of history, scents and flavors. The typical tropical climate and unspoilt beaches and coastal views make Zanzibar one of the most popular tourist destination. For more information visit or contact your travel agent.